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Syncro SVN Client 7.2

Postby Florin » Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:32 pm

We are happy to announce the release of Syncro SVN Client version 7.2.

Version 7.2 of Syncro SVN Client simplifies project sharing over SVN repositories and fixes compatibility issues with SVN 1.7 servers. Being a maintenance release, it focuses on bug fixes and small improvements.

New in version 7.2:

  • Fixed SVN 1.7 Repositories Compatibility Issues
    Fixed critical issues that prevented Syncro SVN Client to properly communicate with Subversion 1.7 servers.

  • Share Project
    A new action allows you to easily share a project on an SVN repository. This lessens the user effort by importing the project in the repository and converting the local project structure into an SVN working copy, all in a single step.

  • Workspace
    Introduced the concept of a workspace, used for now to assist you to checkout new projects in a predefined location.

  • Improved Working Copy Handling
    Optimized the loading of working copies and switching between them. The load operation became more responsive, allowing you to cancel it from an early stage.

  • Bug Fixes
    Numerous bug fixes and other small improvements.

This version does not support yet the Apache Subversion (TM) 1.7 new features and working copies.

Best Regards,
Syncro SVN Client Team
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