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Remove working copy reference - wrongly designated folder

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Remove working copy reference - wrongly designated folder

Postby dojey » Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:05 pm

Was first working with Syncro SVN and playing around to get used to it. Inadvertently I had set my Desktop to be a working copy (of something). Now in my Working copy view, I see the Desktop listed along with some items from the repository and some items on my Desktop.

How can I change it back so that my Desktop is no longer known as a working copy?
I know Revert definitely isn't it since that removes all my folders and copies everything from the directory.
Don't think Syncrhonize would do it either.

*Note I have nothing listed under Respoitories. So it doesn't seem like I can just remove the repository either.

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Re: Remove working copy reference - wrongly designated folde

Postby Florin » Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:01 am


It seems you made a checkout from the repository choosing as the working copy location your Desktop. Assuming you use the latest Syncro SVN Client version, to remove the working copy from Desktop:

  • remove the working copy from Syncro SVN Client;
    For this, press the button with a folder on it, next to the working copies combo box (in the Working Copy view). From the opened dialog box, remove the Desktop working copy.

  • the previous step only removed the working copy from Syncro SVN Client management. To remove it physically from your Desktop, look for a directory named ".svn" on your Desktop and delete it completely. Also, you will have to remove manually any folders/files created by the checkout operation (which were displayed in the Working Copy view).

Revert is an SVN operation used to remove changes made to the files/folders from a working copy. Using it you will erase what you have on the Desktop (every file/folder/shortcut, which are not under version control [?], but present in the newly created working copy. SVN reports them as unversioned and a Revert erases them).

Synchronize is used to see current status of the working copy items against repository. This way, you know which working copy items were modified in the repository, which ones you modified locally and you have to commit, etc.

The Repositories view allows you to browse an SVN repository (located on a server), it is not related in any way with the currently loaded working copy.

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Florin Avram
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