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Syncro SVN Client 8.1

Postby Florin » Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:24 pm

We are happy to announce the release of Syncro SVN Client version 8.1.

Version 8.1 of Syncro SVN Client offers support for committing changes to multiple repositories at once. Also, the functionality of the commit operation was enhanced and further improvements were added regarding the representation and deletion of working copy items.

New in version 8.1:

  • Commit to Multiple Repositories
    Syncro SVN Client offers support to commit working copy items across multiple external definitions in one single step. No more overhead to handle external modified items one by one. Even more, for SVN 1.7 working copies, externals from the same repository are committed together, resulting less revisions generated in the repository.

  • Remove Items from Version Control
    Easily remove items from version control using a dedicated option. You no longer have to take different actions to avoid erasing files from your working copy when needing to remove items only from the repository.

  • Improved Working Copy Items Deletion
    Any item missing from a working copy can be deleted, including missing directories. The Delete action is more powerful and can help you with removing working copy items that have states raising issues and unusual behaviors.

  • Improved Commit
    Committing working copy changes has never been easier. The Commit operation was improved to help you when committing new items in the repository (unversioned or added), by automatically collecting their ancestor directories which also need to be versioned. Also, missing directories are now deleted when committing them. Finally, the commit dialog box was redesigned to present items in a working-copy-like style and information more appropriate for this operation.

  • Improved File Handling on Case-Insensitive File Systems
    File renames outside of the SVN client, on case-insensitive file systems, are better handled regarding the Delete and Commit operations. The situations when a file was lost after changing only letter-cases of its name were removed.

  • Better State Detection and Triage of Working Copy Items
    The states of the working copy items are detected in a more accurate manner. Any type of changes of a working copy item are now presented in the Incoming mode, allowing you to easily spot all sort of changes, including the ones which cannot be committed to the repository.

  • Easily Locate Files in Your File Manager
    Working copy files can be easily located on your disk directly from the Working Copy view. You don't need to identify the parent directory and search through it.

  • Improvements and Bug Fixes
    This new version comes with various improvements and bug fixes regarding opening and saving files from the repository, the check out operation and locks handling on commit. Memory and performance issues were addressed also.

Best Regards,
Syncro SVN Client Team
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