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Why is my merge not being "remembered?"

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Why is my merge not being "remembered?"

Postby taytay » Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:01 pm

(This is Syncro SVN 1.5)
First off, I am not an SVN expert. I'm starting to think I know just enough to be dangerous. I recently did a merge from my trunk into my branch by selecting my working copy, then going to Tools->Merge, then selecting "reintegrate a branch". (Even though that seems the exact opposite of what I want to do, I hear that is the "proper" way?)

I followed the steps, edited conflicts, committed it, and now to make sure that it worked, so I did the exact same thing again and told it to "test merge". Sure enough, all of the same changes and conflicts are coming back over from the trunk to the branch? I thought that it would have told me something along the lines of, "no changes to merge"...Is that not right? Am I doing something wrong? Is there an easy way to view the merge metadata to make sure that it is being stored correctly?

Many thanks for any help you can offer.
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Re: Why is my merge not being "remembered?"

Postby Florin » Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:33 am


Thank you for contacting us.
You told us that you recently did a merge from your trunk to your branch. This is the case when you wish to merge changes from the trunk to your branch. But the action you selected "Reintegrate a branch" is the opposite of what you want to do, it does merge the changes from your current branch back into the trunk (in the presented form, having the URL of the current working copy) if the working copy is from the trunk (most common case).
You can read more about the merge operation and its options on the Syncro SVN Client User Manual, by pressing F1 when the Merge dialog is displayed or on the following link: ... nches.html

To merge the changes from the trunk into your branch you have 2 possibilities:
  1. have a working copy from the branch.
      1. you can use the "Merge revisions" option.
      2. choose as "From URL" the equivalent path into the trunk of the resources you wish to update into your working copy
      3. to get all changes from the trunk you chould choose All Revision option or a revisions range, starting at the revision where the branch was created, or newer, and ending at the HEAD revision of the trunk.
      1. you can use the "Reintegrate a branch" but change the "From URL" to target the trunk.
      2. this option will get all the changes from the trunk until the HEAD revision.
  2. All the differences will be applied to your working copy.

About the problem regarding the "not remembering" the merge operation, when you commit the resources resulting from the merge operation, the repository will get a new revision. When you do the same merge again, it will be done taking into account and the new revision, regardless the commit was done to a branch. So, some files or folders will appear again after merge. This is due to the svn:mergeinfo property, which represents the history of merges made into a given file or directory (you can see if this property was changed in the Properties View, being marked with an '*' in front of it). Those resources appear again because this property was updated with the last revision that was created when you commited to the branch, but the resources itself should not have any other changes.
If you will choose the step II.A and do a merge from revisions X-HEAD (where X is a revision number), commit the changes to the branch (new HEAD revision created), after that doing another merge with the X-[HEAD-1] (same start revision and same end revision as previous, because now the HEAD revision is 1 bigger) there should be no more resources to commit to the branch after the merge operation finished.

You can read more about svn:mergeinfo by going to the following link: ... -info.html

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need additional information.

Best regards,
Florin Avram
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