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checksum mismatch

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checksum mismatch

Postby jjang » Sat May 29, 2010 3:32 am


I am using Syncro 5.1 SVN Client on OPEN SuSE Linux 11.0. The error message displayed in the following when I tried to update the file Makefile:

Operation filed: svn: Checksum mismatch for
'<directory>/.svn/text-base/Makefile.svn-base'; expected:
recorded: '01ae7a9aab05b4343513a3cd9976cfdd'

I tried to checkout the same sub-directory and replaced the Makefile.svn-base in the corrupted working directory from the new checked out directory. It still failed to update the file (displayed the same error).

How can I recover this Checksum mismatch error in general?


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Re: checksum mismatch

Postby Florin » Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:54 pm


Thank you for contacting us.
The error you have encountered it is an error regarding the internal meta-information used by the Subversion system to handle all the resources correctly, kept inside each ".svn" folder present in each folder of your working copy. When this information is modified externally by a user or by an application that is not able to work as a SVN client, then all the SVN mechanism is perturbed and errors like this may happen. This is not a thing that can be handled by an application, the user must choose what actions to make to properly manage and resolve situations like this and continue with its work.

Even we have encountered this type of errors and we tried to manage them like this:
1. Working with the parent directory of the "Makefile" file (in your case) or the most closer ancestor directory to the file with the problem
Try to commit as much as possible of the modifications inside this folder and its child folders, until you remain with the minimum of resources that cannot be committed or only with the file having the problem (Makefile)
Go in a file explorer application and move the folder mentioned above to a safe place.
After, you come back in Syncro SVN Client, do a Refresh and it must report that the folder you moved is missing. You can do an update on it, to get it back as it is inside the repository. After, you should copy the files being modified and that you did not managed to commit from the place where you moved your folder to the newly updated folder, do another Refresh and you should have the resources presented as modified. BE SURE not to copy the ".svn" folders and overwrite the ones that were created by the Update operation, or the situation will remain the same. You must copy only the resources/files from the folders, not the whole folder, to avoid copying the ".svn" administrative folders, which usually are hidden.

2. Another workaround, if this does not work, is to re-checkout the working copy from the same repository and just copy the resources you modified inside your current working copy to the one newly checked out and work with the new working copy.

If you have properties modified on resources that cannot be committed, you will have to set them back manually, because they are kept inside the ".svn" folders that you cannot copy from one place to another because they represent the main problem of your issue.

I hope this will help you resolve the problem.
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