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Syncro SVN Client 9.1

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:24 pm
by Florin
We are happy to announce the release of Syncro SVN Client version 9.1.

Version 9.1 of Syncro SVN Client adds support for Subversion 1.8 repositories and improves the ability to copy, move, rename, and drag and drop items within the working copy.

New in version 9.1:

  • Support for SVN 1.8 Servers
    Subversion 1.8 repositories are now supported, excepting FSFS-backed repositories accessed through file:// protocol. Working copies having SVN 1.8 format are not yet supported.

  • Copy/Move Operation Improvements
    Syncro SVN Client does its best to copy/move items within the working copy. In cases when the operation would not normally work in Subversion, a simple file system copy/move operation is performed. Also, valid destination directories are detected automatically and presented to you.

  • Drag and Drop Improvements in the Working Copy View
    The drag and drop support was extended to all the Working Copy view modes. Also, compatibility between Syncro SVN Client and external applications was improved for dragging and dropping items from one to another.

  • Drag and Drop Support in the Repositories View
    Copying and moving repository items is made easy through the drag and drop support added in the Repositories view.

  • Improvements and Bug Fixes
    This new version comes with various improvements and bug fixes regarding the copy, move, rename and drag and drop operations. Memory and performance issues related to working copy management were addressed also.

Best Regards,
Syncro SVN Client Team