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Button for "update" besides "sync"

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:01 am
by MortenMacFly
You haver very nice buttons in the working copy panel for "sync", "refresh" and "cleanup". What's really missing for me is another for "update". So it would not require to switch to the sync result panel if you are *sure* you just want to update... (which happen very often at least for me...)

Re: Button for "update" besides "sync"

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:55 pm
by sorin

The Update operation is executed usually in the Synchronize view because first you synchronize the working copy with the SVN repository to see the differences and after that comes the decision about committing or updating the SVN files and folders. This is why the toolbar of the Synchronize view and the menu Synchronize contain the Update action. If you want to execute an update without checking the differences between the working copy and the SVN repository that is possible with the Update action available on the contextual menu of the Working Copy view. Just right click in the Working Copy view and select the Update action. However I think the Update action should not be added to the toolbar of the Working Copy view or to the Working Copy menu as the actions Synchronize, Refresh and Cleanup because this is not the main place where this action is executed.