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checking out deleted branch fails

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:11 pm
by kyle
When I attempt to check out a deleted branch, by (for exmaple) right-clicking it in the revision graph, and clicking "Check Out..", I receive the error message "Operation failed: svn: '/svn/Testing/!svn/bc/2653/branches/dev_02' path not found: 404 Not Found (http://server)"

On the console, the command SyncroSVNCleint uses for that operation is "svn checkout --revision 2648 http://server/svn/Testing/branches/dev_02 /home/user/svn/dev_branch"

I have already verified that rev 2648 is the correct revision for the branch - in fact, it is the last revision to the branch, before the branch was deleted in rev 2649.

The problem appears to be that the server is searching the HEAD (rev 2653) for the deleted branch, before checking the requested revision level, and failing when it doesn't find it - which is the behavior described in "svn help checkout" from the command line. Additionally, according to "svn help checkout", to request that the server check a specific revision when it performs a file lookup, one should append @REV to the url one wishes to check out.

Saying "svn checkout --revision 2648 http://server/svn/Testing/branches/dev_02 /home/user/svn/dev_branch@2648" from the command line successfully checks out the deleted branch.

Is SyncroSVNClient's behavior a bug? Is there some way to tell it to check the appropriate revision level before attempting to check out a deleted branch?

Thanks for the help,


Re: checking out deleted branch fails

PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:01 am
by Iulian Velea

I reproduced the situation you described when trying to check out a deleted branch. The problem is that the revision used for lookup is not correctly defined and transmitted to the SVN server.
I added an item on our issue tracker regarding this behavior. The best solution would be to allow the user to define this "lookup" revision or to consider it to be the revision used for check out. We will investigate this case and let you know about the resolution.

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Re: checking out deleted branch fails

PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:21 pm
by Florin

Starting with Syncro SVN Client 7.1, this issue should be resolved.

Best Regards,
Florin Avram
Syncro SVN Client Team