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8.1 update removes sorting by local file stats during commit

PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:47 am
by garinh
After the 8.1 update, whenever I do a commit all added, deleted, changed and unversioned (files which are in the directory but are not in the repo) files are shown in the dialog, as before. With older versions of the UI, I could sort by local file status and quickly see a list of added files all bunched together, deleted files all bunched together, and changed files all bunched together, with all the unversioned files all bunched together (most of the time, to be ignored).

With the new UI, no sorting by local file status seems possible, which means that I may have thousands for files to manually scan through to see a few checked-off "changed" files to be reviewed before the commit. Worse, because of this the chances of my making a mistake and accidentally checking in something that I didn't intend to goes up because of the numbers of files to scan through.

How do I hide all the unversioned files or sort all the files such that the unversioned files are easy to ignore?



Re: 8.1 update removes sorting by local file stats during co

PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:41 pm
by ionela

I confirm this is a bug introduced in version 8.1 of Syncro SVN Client. I've logged this problem to our issue tracking tool and we'll try to resolve it in the next maintenance build of Syncro SVN Client.

Until then, if you want to use Syncro SVN Client 8.0, please contact us on our support email address: support AT syncrosvnclient DOT com and we'll make this version available for you. Also, please specify the platform you are using (Window, Mac OS X, Linux).

Let us know if you need further assistance.


Re: 8.1 update removes sorting by local file stats during co

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2013 8:25 am
by Florin

The latest build of Syncro SVN Client 8.1 - 2013051610 - allows sorting data from the Commit dialog box.

Best Regards,
Florin Avram
Syncro SVN Client Team