History Filters

The History filter dialog

The History view does not always show all the changes ever made to a resource because there may be thousands of changes and retrieving the entire list can take a long time. Normally you are interested in the more recent ones. That is why you can specify the criteria for the revisions displayed in the History view by selecting one of several options presented in the History dialog which is displayed when you invoke the Show History action.

Figure 3.65. History filters dialog

History filters dialog

The options for the set of revisions presented in the History view are:

  • all the revisions of the selected resource

  • only the revisions between a start revision number and an end revision number

  • only the revisions added in a period of time like today, last week, last month, etc.

  • only the revisions between a start calendar date and an end calendar date

  • only the revisions committed by a specified SVN user

The toolbar of the History view has two buttons for extending the set of revisions presented in the view: Get next 50 and Get all.


When using Subversion servers older than version 1.2, a history request may take a very long time because the server will reply with the entire history even if you limited the number of entries to a smaller number.