Uninstalling the application


The following procedure will remove Syncro SVN Client from your system. Please ensure that all valuable data is saved to another location prior to performing this procedure.

Procedure 2.12. Uninstall Procedure

  1. Backup all valuable data from the Syncro SVN Client installation folder.

  2. On Windows use the appropriate uninstaller shortcut provided with your OS.

    On Mac OS X and Unix manually delete the installation folder and all its contents.

  3. If you wish to completely remove the application directory and any work saved in it, you will have to delete this directory manually. To remove the application configuration and any personal customizations remove the %APPDATA%\com.syncrosvnClient directory on Windows (usually %APPDATA% has the value [user-home-dir]\Application Data) / .com.syncrosvnClient on Linux / Library/Preferences/com.syncrosvnClient on Mac OS X from the user home directory.

Unattended uninstall

If you want to run an unattended uninstall this is possible only on Windows and Linux by running the uninstaller executable from command line and passing the -q parameter. The uninstaller executable is called uninstall.exe on Windows and uninstall on Linux and is located in the install folder of the application.