The main window consists of the following views:

  • Repository view allows you to define and manage Subversion repository locations.

  • Working copy view allows you to manage with ease the content of the working copy.

  • Synchronize view displays the modified resources from your working copy (outgoing) and from the repository (incoming).

  • Compare view displays the differences between two revisions of a text file.

  • Compare images view displays the compared images side by side.

  • Editor view allows you to modify and save a file from the working copy.

  • Image preview allows you to view the image files from the Synchronize view, Working copy view, Synchronize view or from the History view.

  • History view displays the log messages for a given resource.

  • Properties view displays the SVN properties for the currently selected resource from the Synchronize view or from the Working copy view.

  • Console view shows the start and progress of an operation as if a Subversion command was run from the shell.

  • Help view dynamically shows the help for the currently selected view.

The main window's Status bar presents in the left side the operation in progress or the final result of the last performed action. In the right side there is a progress bar for the running operation and a stop button to cancel the operation.