Performance problems

Large documents

When started from the icon created on the Start menu or the Desktop on Windows and from the shortcut created on the Linux desktop the maximum memory available to Syncro SVN Client is set by default to 180 MB. When started from the command line scripts the maximum memory is 256 MB. If large documents are edited in Syncro SVN Client and you see that performance slows down considerably after some time then a possible cause is that it needs more memory in order to run properly. You can increase the maximum amount of memory available to Syncro SVN Client by setting the -Xmx parameter in a configuration file specific to the platform that runs the application.


The maximum amount of memory should not be equal to the physical amount of memory available on the machine because in that case the operating system and other applications will have no memory available.

When installed on a multi-user environment such as Windows Terminal Server or Unix/Linux, to each instance of Syncro SVN Client will be allocated the amount stipulated in the memory value. To avoid depreciating the general performance of the host system, please ensure that the amount of memory available is optimally apportioned for each of the expected instances.