Menu Shortcut Keys

The user can configure in one place the keyboard shortcuts available for menu items available in Syncro SVN Client . The current shortcuts assigned to menu items are displayed in the following table.

The user can search an operation using the filter field by the operation's description, category or shortcut key.

The Menu Shortcut Keys preferences panel is opened from menu OptionsPreferences+Menu Shortcut Keys

Figure 5.15. The Menu Shortcut Keys preferences panel

The Menu Shortcut Keys preferences panel


A short description of the menu item operation.


The shortcuts are classified in categories for easier management. For example the "Cut" operation for the source view is distinguished from the tree view one by assigning it to a separate category.

Shortcut key

The keyboard shortcut that launches the operation. Double-clicking on a table row or pressing the "Edit" button allows the user to register a new shortcut for the operation displayed on that row.