Use an existing working copy

This is the process of taking an working copy that exists on your file system and connecting it to Subversion. If you have a brand new project that you want to import into your repository, then see the section Import resources into the repository

This assumes that you have an existing valid working copy on your file system. In the Working Copy View click on the Add/Remove Working Copy toolbar button .

In the Working copies list dialog press the Add button and choose the working folder copy from the file system.

Select the new working copy from the list and press the OK button. The selected working copy will be loaded and presented in the Working Copy View.

The Edit button allows changing the name of the working copy. The name is useful to differentiate between working copies located in folders with the same name. The default name is the name of the root folder of the working copy.

The order of the working copies can be changed in the list using the two arrow buttons which move the selected working copy with one position up or down.