Working Copy format

When a SVN working copy is loaded in the view by selecting it in the combo on the toolbar of the view Syncro SVN Client first checks the format of the working copy. If it is a SVN 1.6 format the admin data of that working copy is loaded and displayed in a tree like form in the view using the icons specific for the status of each resource: normal, unversioned, modified, etc. If it is the old format, that is the SVN 1.5, SVN 1.4 or SVN 1.3 one, a confirmation dialog is displayed allowing the automatic conversion to the working copy to the new format, that is the SVN 1.6 one.

If you select the Never ask me again checkbox and press the Yes button then the option Automatically upgrade working copies to the client's version is automatically checked.

The format of the working copy can be downgraded or upgraded at any time with the actions Upgrade and Downgrade available on the Tools menu. These actions allow switching between SVN 1.4, SVN 1.5 and SVN 1.6 working copy formats.