Add Resources to Version Control

The new files and folders you create during the development process must be added to Version Control, using the Add command from the contextual menu in the Working Copy view. If you do not do this, the resource is marked with a question mark (?), meaning that it is unversioned (unknown). After you have added it to version control, the resource will be marked as added (+), which means you first have to commit your working copy to make that resource available to other developers. Adding a resource to version control does not affect the repository.

If you try to add to version control an unversioned directory, the entire subtree starting with that directory is added.

When you commit your changes, if you forgot to add a resource, it will still be presented in the commit dialog, but will be de-selected by default. When you commit the unversioned resource, it is automatically added to version control before being committed and the marking is removed.