Annotations View

Sometimes you need to know not only what was changed in a file, but also who made those changes. This view displays the author and the revision that changed every line in a file. Just click on a line in the editor panel where the file is opened to see the revision that edited that line last time highlighted in the History view and to see all the lines changed by that revision highlighted in the editor panel. Also the entries of the Annotations view corresponding to that revision are highlighted. So the Annotations view, the History view and the editor panel are synchronized. Clicking on a line in one of them highlights the corresponding lines in the other two.

The Annotations View

The annotations of a file are computed with the Show Annotation action available on the right click menu of the History view and the Repository view.

If the file has a very long history, the computation of the annotation data can take long. If you want only the annotations of a range of revisions you can specify the start revision and the end revision of the range in a dialog similar with the History filter dialog that will be displayed in the History view. The action is called Show Annotation and is available on the right click menu of the Working Copy view.