The Find / Replace Dialog

The Find / Replace dialog is opened from menu Edit > Find / Replace... (Ctrl+F) . It enables you to define search and replace operations on the current document. The find works on multiple lines, which means a find match can cover characters on more than one line. Special characters like newline and tab can be inserted using the contextual menu.

To insert a new line in the find or replace text area, press (CTRL + Enter) instead of (Enter). The replace operation can bind Perl 5 regular expression group variables ($1, $2, etc.) from the find match. For example to replace the tag with attributes called tag-name with the tag tag-name1 use <tag-name(\s+)(.*)> in the Text to find area and <tag-name1$1$2> in the Replace with area.

The following actions can be executed in the Find / Replace dialog:

Find / Replace Dialog

The dialog contains the following options: