Obtaining and Registering a License Key

The Syncro SVN Client is not free software and requires a license in order to enable the application.

For demonstration and evaluation purposes a time limited license is available upon request from the Syncro SVN Client web site. This license is supplied at no cost for a period of 30 days from date of issue. During this period the Syncro SVN Client is fully functional enabling you to test all aspects of the application. Thereafter, the application is disabled and a permanent license must be purchased in order to use the application. For special circumstances, if a trial period of greater than 30 days is required, please contact support@syncrosvnClient.com . All licenses are obtained from the Syncro SVN Client web site .

For definitions and legal details of the license types available for Syncro SVN Client you should consult the End User License Agreement received with the license key and available also on the Syncro SVN Client website at http://www.syncrosvnClient.com/eula.html

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