Windows Installation

Windows installation procedure.

The following steps describe the installation procedure of Syncro SVN Client, valid for Windows:
  1. Download the syncroSVNClient.exe installation kit and run it.
  2. Follow the instructions presented in the installation program.

    The user preferences are stored in the com.syncrosvnclient subfolder of the folder that is the value of the APPDATA Windows variable for the user that starts the application.


    In order to specify another Java virtual machine to be used by Syncro SVN Client you have to set the home folder of the desired JVM in the Windows variable JAVA_HOME or in the Windows variable JDK_HOME. If JAVA_HOME and JDK_HOME are not set the application launcher will try to detect a JVM installed in a standard location on the computer and use it for running the application. If you installed the kit which includes a Java virtual machine you have to rename or remove the jre subfolder of the install folder in order for the variable JAVA_HOME or JDK_HOME to take effect.


    Copy to clipboard the license key you have received by email and paste it in the application license dialog.


    If you have difficulties installing the product please use the zip archive distribution instead ( Just unzip it in a folder where you have write permissions and use the product launchers.