Upgrading the Standalone Application

Upgrading to a new version might require a new license key. To check if your license key is compatible with the new version, select Help > Check for New Version. Note that the application needs an Internet connection to check the license compatibility.
Note: If there is a previous version of Syncro SVN Client already installed on your computer, it can coexist with the new one, which means you don't have to uninstall it. The user preferences are stored in a different directory. They will not be removed and will be imported automatically in the new version at the first application launch.
  1. Download the install kit of the new version.
  2. Create a new folder under /../syncrosvnClient e. g. /../syncrosvnClient/ 8.1
  3. Extract the content of the install kit into the new folder.
  4. If you have defined Syncro SVN Client in the system PATH, modify it to point to the new installation folder.
  5. Start Syncro SVN Client
    This will test that the application can start and that your license is recognized by the upgrade installation.