Add / Edit / Remove Repository Locations

Usually, team members do all of their work separately, in their own working copy, and must share their work. This is done using an Apache SubversionTM repository. Syncro SVN Client supports versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 of the SVN repository format.

Before you can begin working with a Subversion repository, define a repository location in the Repositories view.

To create a repository location, click the New Repository Location toolbar button or right click inside the view and select New Repository Location... from the popup menu. On Windows, the context menu can be displayed on a right click with the mouse or with the keyboard by pressing the special context menu key available on Windows keyboards. This action opens the Add SVN Repository dialog which prompts you for the URL of the repository you want to connect to. No authentication information is requested at the time the location is defined. It is left to the Subversion client to request the user and password information when it is needed. The main benefit of allowing Subversion to manage your password in this way is that it prompts you for a new password only when your password changes.

Once you enter the repository URL Syncro SVN Client tries to contact the server and get the content of the repository for displaying it in the Repositories view. If the server does not respond in the timeout interval set in preferences, an error is reported. If you do not want to wait until the timeout expires, you can end the waiting process with the Stop button from the toolbar of the view.

To edit a repository location, click the Edit Repository Location toolbar button or right click inside the view on a repository root entry and select Edit Repository Location... from the popup menu.

The Edit SVN Repository dialog works in the same way as the Add SVN Repository dialog. It shows the previously defined repositories URLs and it allows you to change them.

To remove a repository location, click the Remove Repository Location toolbar button or right click inside the view on a repository entry and select Remove Repository Location... from the popup menu. A confirmation dialog is displayed to make sure that you do not accidentally remove locations.

The order of the repositories can be changed in the Repositories view at any time with the two buttons on the toolbar of the view, the up arrow and the down arrow . For example, pressing the up arrow once moves up the selected repository in the list with one position.

To set the reference revision number of an SVN repository right-click on the repository in the list displayed in the Repositories view and select the Change the Revision to Browse... action. The revision number of the repository is used for displaying the contents of the repository when it is viewed in the Repositories view. Only the files and folders that were present in the repository at the moment when this revision number was generated on the repository are displayed as contents of the repository tree. Also this revision number is used for all the file open operations executed directly from the Repositories view.