Create a Branch / Tag

In the Working Copy view or in the Repositories view, select the resource which you want to copy to a branch or tag, then select the command Branch / Tag... from the Tools menu.

The Branch / Tag dialog

The default target URL for the new branch / tag will be the repository URL of the selected resource from your working copy, divided in two: the URL of the parent and the selected resource's name. You may specify other resource name if you want to make a branch / tag using a different name than the one of the selected resource, by modifying the field labeled Under the name:. The new branch / tag will be created as child of the specified repository directory URL and having the new provided name. To change the parent directory URL to the new path for your branch / tag, click on the Browse button and choose a repository target directory for your resource.

You can also specify the source of the copy. There are three options: When you are ready to create the new branch / tag, write a commit comment in the corresponding field and press the OK button.