Comparing and Merging Documents

In large teams composed either of developers or technical writers, the usage of a shared repository for the source or document files is a must. Often many authors are changing the same file at the same time.

Finding what has been modified in your files and folders can be hard. If your data is changing, you can benefit from accurate identification and processing of changes in your files and folders with Syncro SVN Client's features for comparing files and directories. These are powerful and easy to use tools that will do the job fast and thoroughly. With the new possibilities of differencing and merging, it is now easy to manage multiple changes.

Syncro SVN Client provides a simple means of performing file and folder comparisons. You can see the differences in your files and folders and merge the changes.

There are two levels on which the comparison can be done, namely comparing directories or comparing individual files.

Note: Syncro SVN Client uses diff directories to compare archive files.

The comparison tool can also be started using command line arguments. In the installation folder there are two executable shells (diffFiles.bat and diffDirs.bat on Windows, and on Unix/Linux, and on Mac OS X). You can pass one or two command-line arguments to each of these shells. Both arguments can point to directories or archives (supported formats: zip, docx, and xlsx).

For example, to start the comparison between two Windows directories, use the following command:

diffDirs.bat "c:\Program Files" "c:\ant"
Note: If there are spaces in the path names, surround the paths with quotes.
Note: If you pass only one argument, you are prompted to manually choose the second directory or archive.

The same goes for the files diff utility as well.