Copy Resources

You can copy several resources from different locations of the working copy. You select them in the Working Copy view and then you initiate the copy command from the contextual menu. This is not a simple file system copy but a Apache SubversionTM command. It will copy the resource and the copy will also have the original resource's history. This is one of Subversion's very important features, as you can keep track of where the copied resources originated.

Please note that you can only copy resources that are under version control and are committed to the repository or unversioned resources. You cannot copy resources that are added but not yet committed.

In the Copy File(s) dialog you can navigate through the working copy directories in order to choose a target directory. If you try to copy a single resource you are also able to change that resource's name in the corresponding text field.

If an entire directory is copied the Override and Update action will be enabled only for it and not for its descendants. In the Commit dialog will appear only the directory in question without its children.