The Find / Replace Dialog

To open the Find / Replace dialog, either go to Edit > Find / Replace... or click the toolbar button. You can also press Ctrl+F (Meta+F) keys on your keyboard to display the Find/Replace dialog.

Find / Replace Dialog

You can use the Find/Replace dialog to perform the following operations:

The find operation works on multiple lines, meaning that a find match can cover characters on more than one line of text. To input multiple-line text in the Text to find and Replace with areas, do one of the following:

You can use Perl 5 regular expressions to define patterns. A content completion assistant window is available in the Text to find and Replace with areas to help you edit regular expressions. It is activated every time you type \(backslash key) or on demand if you press Ctrl+Space keys on your keyboard.

The replace operation can bind Perl 5 regular expression group variables ($1, $2, and so on.) from the find match.

To replace an XML tag called tag-name with the tag tag-name1, use <tag-name(\s+)(.*)> in the Text to find area and <tag-name1$1$2> in the Replace with area.

The dialog contains the following options: