Committing to Multiple Locations

Although Subversion does not support committing to different locations at once, Syncro SVN Client offers this functionality regarding external items.

If items to be committed belong to different external definitions found in the working copy, they are grouped under the corresponding item that indicates their repository origin. Each parent item is rendered bold and its corresponding repository location is presented when hovering it. Parent items are decorated with a small arrow () if they are external definitions. The working copy root directory is never decorated and is not presented if there are no external items listed (all items belong to the main working copy). Each child item is presented relative to the parent item.
Note: When an external directory has modifications of its own, it is presented both as a parent item and as an item that you can select and commit. This is always the case for external files.

For SVN 1.6 working copies, each set of items belonging to an external definition is committed independently, resulting multiple revisions (one for each set).

For SVN 1.7 working copies, the sets of items belonging to external definitions from the same repository are committed together, resulting a single revision. So, the number of revisions can be smaller than the number of externals. External definitions are considered from the same repository if they have the same protocol, server address, port, and repository address within the server.
Note: External files are always from the same repository as the parent directory which defines them, so they are always committed together with the changes from their parent directory.