The Revision Graph of a SVN Resource

The history of a SVN resource can be watched on a graphical representation of all the revisions of that resource together with the tags in which the resource was included. The graphical representation is identical to a tree structure and very easy to follow.

The graphical representation of a resource history is invoked with the Revision graph action available on the right click menu of a SVN resource in the Working Copy view and the Repository view.

The Revision Graph of a File Resource

In every node of the revision graph an icon and the background color represent the type of operation that created the revision represented in that node. Also the commit message associated with that revision, the repository path and the revision number are contained in the node. The tooltip displayed when the mouse pointer hovers over a node specifies the URL of the resource, the SVN user who created the revision of that node, the revision number, the date of creation, the commit message, the modification type and the affected paths.

The types of nodes used in the graph are:

A directory resource is represented with two types of graphs:

The Revision Graph of a Directory (Direct Changes)

The Revision Graph of a Directory (Also Indirect Changes)

The Revision graph dialog toolbar contains the following actions:

Right clicking any of the graph nodes display a contextual menu containing the following actions:

When two nodes are selected in the revision graph of a file the right click menu of this selection contains only the Compare for comparing the two revisions corresponding to the selected nodes. If the resource for which the revision graph was built is a folder then the right click menu displayed for a two nodes selection also contains the Compare action but it computes the differences between the two selected revisions as a set of directory changes. The result is displayed in the Directory Change Set view.


Generating the revision graph of a resource with many revisions may be a slow operation. You should enable caching for revision graph actions so that future actions on the same repository will not request the same data again from the SVN server which will finish the operation much faster.