Working with repositories

Import / Export resources

Import resources into the repository

This is the process of taking a project and importing it into a repository so that it can be managed by Subversion. If you have already been using Subversion and you have an existing working copy you want to use, then you will likely want to follow the procedure for Use an existing working copy.

A dialog will ask you to select a directory that will be imported into the selected repository location. The complete directory tree will be imported into the repository including all files. The name of the imported folder will not appear in the repository, but only the contents of the folder will.

Export resources from the repository

This is the process of taking a resource from the repository and saving it locally in a clean form, with no version control information. This is very useful when you need a clean build for an installation kit.

Figure 3.50. The export dialog

The export dialog

The export dialog is very similar to the check out dialog. You can choose the target directory from the file system by pressing the Browse button. If you need to export a specific revision, you can select the Revision radio button and then click on the History button and choose a revision from the new dialog. Or you could simply type the revision number in the corresponding text field.

Please note that the content of the selected directory from the repository and not the directory itself will be exported to the file system.