Upgrading the Syncro SVN Client application

From time to time, upgrade and patch versions of Syncro SVN Client are released to provide enhancements that rectify problems, improve functionality and the general efficiency of the application.

This section explains the procedure for upgrading Syncro SVN Client while preserving any personal configuration settings and customizations.

Unless otherwise stated by instructions supplied with a patch or upgrade kit, the following procedure is recommended:

Procedure 2.11. Upgrade Procedure

  1. Create a new folder under /../syncrosvnClient e.g. /../syncrosvnClient/4.2

  2. Download and extract the upgrade to the new folder.

  3. If you have defined Syncro SVN Client in the system PATH, modify it to the new installation folder.

  4. Start Syncro SVN Client to ensure that the application can start and that your license is recognized by the upgrade installation.

  5. If you are upgrading to a major version, for example from 8.3 to 9.0, then you will need to enter the new license text into the registration dialog that is shown when the application is started.

  6. Select HelpAbout to determine the version number. If the previous version was 8.3, the About dialog should now show version 9.0.