Properties View


The properties view presents the Subversion properties for the currently selected resource from either the Working copy view or the Synchronize view.

Figure 3.37. The Properties View

The Properties View

Above the table it is specified the currently active resource for which the properties are presented. Here you will also find a warning when an unversioned resource is selected.

The table in which the properties are presented has four columns:

  • State - can be one of

    • (empty) - normal unmodified property, same current and base values.

    • *(asterisk) - modified property, current and base values are different.

    • +(plus) - new property.

    • -(minus) - removed property.

  • Name - the property name.

  • Current value - the current value of the property.

  • Base value - the base(original) value of the property.

The svn:externals property

The svn:externals property can be set on a folder or a file. In the first case it stores the URL of a folder from other repository.

In the second case it stores the URL of a file from other repository. The external file will be added into the working copy as a versioned item. There are a few differences between directory and file externals:

  • The path to the file external must be in a working copy that is already checked out. While directory externals can place the external directory at any depth and it will create any intermediate directories, file externals must be placed into a working copy that is already checked out.

  • The file external's URL must be in the same repository as the URL that the file external will be inserted into; inter-repository file externals are not supported.

  • While commits do not descend into a directory external, a commit in a directory containing a file external will commit any modifications to the file external.

The differences between a normal versioned file and a file external:

  • File externals cannot be moved or deleted; the svn:externals property must be modified instead; however, file externals can be copied.

A file external shows up as a X in the switched status column.


Incomplete support - In subversion 1.6 it is not possible to remove a file external from your working copy once you have added it, even if you delete the svn:externals property altogether. You have to checkout a fresh working copy to remove the file.