History View


In Subversion, both files and directories are versioned and have a history. If you want to examine the history for a selected resource and find out what happened at a certain revision you can use the History view that can be accessed from any of the three views: Repository view menu, Working copy view menu or Synchronize view menu. From the Repository view you can display the log history regarding any repository resource. From the Working copy view you can display the history of local versioned resources. From the Synchronize view you can show the history of any incoming or outgoing resources.

The view consists of three distinct areas:

  • The revision table showing revision numbers, date/time of revision, the name of the author, as well as the first line of the commit message.

  • The list of resources affected by this revision (modified, added, deleted or changed properties).

  • The commit message for the selected revision.

Figure 3.34. History View

History View