Single selection actions:

  • Compare with working copy - compares the selected revision with your working copy file. It is enabled only when you select a file.

  • Open - opens the selected revision of the file into the Editor. This is enabled only for files.

  • Open with ... - Displays the 'Open with...' dialog for specifying the editor in which the selected file will be opened.

  • Get Contents - replaces the current version from the working copy with the contents of the selected revision from the history of the file. The BASE version of the file is not changed in the working copy so that after this action the file will appear as modified in a synchronization operation, that is newer than the BASE version, even if the contents is from an older version from history.

  • Save revision to - saves the selected revision to a file so you have an older version of that file. This option is only available when you access the history of a file, and it saves a version of that one file only.

  • Revert changes from this revision - reverts changes made in the selected revision.

  • Update to revision - updates your working copy resource to the selected revision.

  • Check out from revision - gets the content of the selected revision for the resource into local file system.

  • Show Annotation - computes the latest revision number and author name that modified each line of the file up to the selected revision, that is no modification later than the selected revision is taken into account.

  • Change Author - changes the name of the SVN user that committed the selected revision.

  • Change Message - changes the commit message of the selected revision.

Double selection actions:

  • Compare revisions - When the resource is a file the action compares the two selected revisions using the Compare view. When the resource is a folder the action displays the set of all resources from that folder that were changed between the two revision numbers.

  • Revert changes from these revisions - Similar to the svn-merge command, it merges two selected revisions into the working copy resource. This action is only enabled when the resource history was requested for a working copy item.

For more information about the History view and its features please read the sections Request history for a resource and Using the resource history view