Synchronize trees

The results are presented using four tree structures:

  • Incoming changes tree - presents items which contain incoming changes. This includes resources modified and committed by others or resources newly added or newly deleted from the repository.

  • Outgoing changes tree - presents resources with outgoing changes meaning that they have been modified locally or have been added or deleted from your working copy.

  • Incoming/Outgoing changes tree - includes all the resources with incoming and outgoing changes

  • Conflicts tree - includes resources with conflicting state meaning they contain both incoming and outgoing changes (pseudo-conflicting state) or they are in a state of real conflict.

A resource which is in a real conflict state will not appear in the Incoming tree.

For each file and folder a tooltip is displayed with details like SVN status, full path, current revision number, last changed date, etc. If the tooltips seem annoying by covering useful information they can be disabled from the option Show tooltip on Working Copy and Synchronize trees.