Copy / Move / Delete resources from the repository

Once you have a location defined in the Repository view you can execute commands like copy, move and delete directly on the repository. The commands correspond to the following actions in the contextual menu.

The Copy action allows you to copy individual or multiple resources. After invoking the action the Copy file dialog will pop up. The dialog displays the path of the resource that is copied and the tree structure of the repository allowing you to choose the destination directory. The path of this target directory will be presented in the text field Destination Directory. If you choose to copy a single resource then an additional checkbox and a text field allow you to choose the new name of the copied resource.

The Move action will display a similar dialog allowing you to move the selected resources to a different folder. If you choose to move a single resource you can also change its name. This will allow you to rename a resource by moving it into the same parent directory but choosing a different name. The move operation is basically a copy operation followed by a delete operation. If you select a directory, any other selected descendants will be ignored when you have issued the move command.

Another useful action is Delete. This action allows you to delete resources directly from the repository. After choosing the action from the Repository view contextual menu a confirmation dialog will be displayed.

All three actions are commit operations and you will be prompted with the Commit message dialog.