Management of SVN properties

In the Properties view you can read and set the Subversion properties of a file or folder. There is a set of predefined properties with special meaning to Subversion. For more information about properties in Subversion see the SVN Subversion specification. Subversion properties are revision dependent. After you change, add or delete a property for a resource, you have to commit your changes to the repository.

Add / Edit / Remove SVN properties

If you want to change the properties of a given resource you need to select that resource from the Working copy view or the Synchronize view and access the Show properties action from the contextual menu. The properties view will show the local properties for the resource in the working copy. Once the Properties View is visible, it will always present the properties of the currently selected resource.

In the Properties view toolbar there are available actions which allow you to add, change and delete the properties.

If you choose the Add a new property action, a new dialog will pop-up. The sections in the dialog are:

  • Name - it is a combo box which allows you to enter the name of the property. The drop down list of the combo box presents the predefined Subversion properties such as svn:ignore, svn:externals, svn:needs-lock, etc.

  • Current value - it is a text area which allows you to enter the value of the new property.

If the selected item is a directory, you can also set the property recursively on its children by checking the Set property recursively checkbox.

If you want to change the value for a previously set property you can use Edit property action which will display a dialog where you can set:

  • Name - the property name. It cannot be changed; only its value can.

  • Current value - presents the current value and allows you to change it.

  • Base value - the value of the property, if any, from the resource in the pristine copy. It cannot be modified.

If you want to completely remove a property previously set you can choose Remove property action. It will display a confirmation dialog in which you can choose also if the property will be removed recursively.

In the Properties view there is a Refresh action which can be used when the properties have been changed from outside the view. This can happen, for example, when the view was already presenting the properties of a resource and they have been changed after an Update operation.