Tree conflicts

A tree conflict is a conflict at the folder level and occurs when the user runs an update action on a file but the file does not exist in the repository anymore because other user renamed the file, moved the file to other folder or deleted the file from repository. The same conflict situation can occur at folder level in a merge action or switch action. The action ends with an error and the folder containing the file that exists now only in the working copy is marked with a conflict icon ().

Such a conflict can be resolved in one of the following ways which are available when the user double clicks on the conflict in the Synchronize view or when he runs the action Edit conflict:

Figure 3.15. Resolve a tree conflict

Resolve a tree conflict

  • keep the the local modified file; if there is a renamed version of the file committed by other user that will be added to the working copy too

  • delete the local modified file, which means keep the incoming change that comes from the repository.