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Syncro SVN Client 8.0

Postby Florin » Wed Jul 18, 2012 3:49 pm

We are happy to announce the release of Syncro SVN Client version 8.0.

Version 8.0 of Syncro SVN Client adds as main feature support for Apache Subversion (TM) 1.7 and improves the functionality of existing actions.

New in version 8.0:

  • Support for SVN 1.7
    Syncro SVN Client supports SVN 1.7.5, allowing you to take advantage of the latest SVN improvements and fixes. Previous SVN versions and older working copies are also supported. New SVN 1.7 working copies can be easily identified by the information in the status bar.

  • Extended Support for Exporting Files
    The support for exporting files from a repository was made available also in the Repositories and Revision Graph views. Now in the Repositories view it is possible to export both directories and individual files.

  • Full Support for "svn add"
    Starting with version 8, the "svn add" command and all its options are fully supported. The resources not under version control are collected automatically from any directory of a working copy.

  • Improved Handling of Unversioned and Ignored Directories
    Processing content of unversioned or ignored directories can be avoided using new options added in the Working Copy view. Syncro SVN Client can be configured to ignore content of such directories, speeding up the loading of a working copy as well as other SVN operations.

  • New Working Copy Data and Improved Representation
    The local modification time of files and the local revision of any working copy item were added in the Working Copy view. Other changes include dimmed rendering of ignored resources and improved sorting speed of working copy data.

  • Improvements and Bug Fixes
    The new version comes with various improvements and bug fixes, like corrections regarding the states and types of the working copy items, speed improvements on loading the working copy information, caching and auto-refreshing, and many others.

Best Regards,
Syncro SVN Client Team
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Re: Syncro SVN Client 8.0

Postby daveg » Wed Jul 18, 2012 3:53 pm

Florin, I just wanted to say well done on getting v8.0 with SVN 1.7 compatibility released. I've been waiting for this version before continuing my evaluation of Subversion 1.7. I'm hoping that I can now prove to myself and my staff that SVN 1.7 with SynchroSVN client is a good replacement for our very out-of-date and entirely unsupported JEDI SCM.

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